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Jul 25, 2017

Acer Aspire VN7-593G-73KV Gaming Laptop Review

Acer Aspire VN7-593G-73KV Review

 Acer Aspire VN7-593G-73KV main gaming laptop gives you some really intense gaming performance. It has a full layout keyboard that is backlit, Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card , 7th generation processors 7700 HQ, 16 gigabytes ddr4 of RAM and a nice big trackpad which is a little more centered now than we have in the past.

The Acer V nitro is Black Edition that doesn't look like your traditional gaming laptop. so none of that red and black seeming you're used to seeing just a black but elegant.

on the left side
2 USB version 2.0, headphone mic jack, full SD card slot and LED indicators. a Kensington lock.

on the right side
2 USB version 3.0 of Thunderbolt ports which also supports USB type-c, HDMI port, Ethernet jack and a power port.

The design
it's all black with the top lid covered in a soft plastic touch material that's made with nano imprint lithography. basically this is just fancy talk for this pattern that's been imprinted on the top and feels nice if you scratch. it's a wide laptop wider than Acer predator 15 but it's much thinner and only weighs 5.5 pounds. I'd say it's light enough to travel with but too heavy to carry for long period of times.

The Display
is 15.6 inches full HD and matte but I think my unit has a defect every time I move the screen to certain positions. the display shuts off until they move it again besides that the colors are pretty good. it's not a 100 percent color accurate but good enough to get by for video editing contrast is good to you with colors looking nice and vibrant which was great for games and watching movies. the only other complaint I have is there's a bit too much screen flex. the monitor completely shuts itself off and only comes on again when I move up and move down.

The keyboard
is full-size with a numeric keypad, very little flex and the keys themselves have distance.It's comfortable to type and game but there's one level of backlighting it's red which it's not overbearing like on other gaming laptops.

is surrounded by a metal deck. It's made of plastic but it's fine. it's best but it's not terrible. it included a fingerprint scanner that can be used with Windows hello, I think every single laptop should have one. it's just so much easier to log into your computer using your finger.

is tuned by Dolby audio, a two speakers placed below the laptop. overall the sound quality is good it gets loud with decent highs good and there's even some bass.

is the HD and it looks like as every other gaming laptop so more than fine for streaming games or using Skype.

The Gaming absolutely well if your gamer looking to pick up a laptop that really does some really high-end performance with a GTX 1060. we're playing Mass Effect and drum right here and we're doing between 48 to get to about 60 frames per second and again you will see no performance drops while you're playing and using this machine. if you want something to give you that kind of performance this is what you're looking for. it's not terribly priced it's a $1300.

The problems
First problem was every time you move the display it would shut off until you move again and the second problem was it would completely overheat.

The performance
the V nitro is quite well gaming at 1080p with settings set to high is the sweet spot for this laptop but the problem I had was with overheating and I mean really bad overheating I fired up over watch a very well optimized and not so demanding game and the computer got so hot that it couldn't even touch the keyboard. it reached temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius sometimes hitting 58 that's 133 degrees.

CPU temperatures
is around 63 degrees which is much too hot now. I noticed lots of thermal throttling happening with the CPU temperatures sitting in the 90s. I also tried doom the frame rates were great averaging around 100 frames per second but again the computer was just too hot to use.

Honestly , I'm quite surprised why Acer's gaming is of the best cool laptops.

Battery life
averaged around 5 hours of browsing the web and watching movies and only about 2 hours for gaming.

The Acer V nitro 15 has a lot going for it a thin design a sleek all-black look good. sound is a good. screen is great performance ; however, the biggest complaint is the excessive overheating, it stays hot. CPU is idling and gets uncomfortably hot when playing games.

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