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Jul 10, 2017

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM Laptop Pros and Cons


The Pros
  • Screen : Full 1080p HD resolution looks good on the larger 15.6" screen and the brightness is spot on. I am currently in a well lit room (no direct light on the monitor) and I have the brightness set all the way down and it is a great, colors are beautiful, matte and easy on the eyes. In addition to videos and pictures are sharp and crisp.
  • CPU : Although it is an i3, this 7th gen CPU is more than capable of handling multiple demanding apps and light gaming. it performs benchmarks pretty well.
  • Keyboard: The keyboard is fantastic to type on for long time and the key spacing is perfect for people with larger hands.
  • Ports: USB 3.1 Type-C port is a huge bonus in making this machine future compatible with phones/monitors/etc. There are also 2 other USB 3.1 Type-A ports that boast super fast data transfer. The HDMI and VGA ports are great.
  • Upgradability : Can you upgraded your RAM from 4GB TO 8GB and upgraded your HDD.
  • Battery life is great. It's last around 7 hours (much more compared to another laptops). The 7th gen i3 helps a ton with battery life.
  • Wireless Lan is impressive, connected fast and through put is excellent.
  • Not heavy, its not that light but its not heavy so I don't mind it.
  • Price to performance ratio.

The Cons
  • Display view angles : It's a nice 1080p screen but cheap as hell. So the viewing angles are not the best.
  • HDD : The hard drive is 5400rpm and very slow. Boot times are around 1.5-2 minutes and reading large data sets is gonna take some time. This is the main reason I'll be updating to an M.2 SSD.
  • The palm rest for the keyboard is a awful surface for sweat. It leaves a awful stain that needs to be cleaned over and over.
  • Touchpad: the mouse/touch pad it this units weakest point. It's a struggle to click vs click and drag, and many times I find myself dragging things without intending due to the irregular performance of the pad. It takes a lot of practice to get better work.
  • Webcam: Narrow viewing angles.
  • Battery is not removable! This is troublesome.

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