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Apr 15, 2017

Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop Review

Acer Aspire VX 15 is full gaming GTA 5 10 so it should be out of cover most things full HD up to high settings not maybe Ultra and not maybe 4k and not merely virtual reality maybe entry-level workers reality. The processore is a core i7 256 gigs of SD terabyte hard drive egg gigs of ram and 15 inch full HD IPS display.

looking like a gaming laptop right it's looking like a gaming that look at those red of the red flashing their the style it kind of looks like a bigger laptop but it is only a 15.6 inch laptop.

First we'll just take a look around the device for up suspect on the screen and then we'll talk about keyboard the port's it a little bit more in detail some of our performance tests on the cpu and of course the gaming but that boots and that the model for this specification that core i7 would be gtx 750 and the without 16 gigs of ram in this but also the hard drive one terabyte and the 256 gig maybe we've got the 512 you look at the 512 m to shatter connected at SD not sure if you can stick in an MBE connected into that slot for trying to take the back off actually later and it's really not much for have to do it .

I looked assignment feedback on the tee but i'm just gonna basically try out myself because I can usually get a really good feel for key back from feeling over amillimeter of travel there no noise and nice soft of the silky click-through definite click that and and also slightly caved-in surfaces that keyboard actually starting to feel really nice certainly quiet mouse pad mousepad integrated buttons yeah not too bad maybe that's other table T level that's what kind of moving around of it with a little bit of giving the case in casing is plastic but  in general that surface area that working area that needs to be pretty good now about the screen is gonna be full HD it's going to be IPS and assume.

It's going to be one of the panels from the Nitro suit which means probably going to be good but confident that the  model we couldn't test this we come to our usual account test on it luminol tests on it so unfortunately I can't give you much info about that i'm looking at a non-ips screen.

It's a shame that USB port is still only USB 3.0 as are the other two full-size USB 3 ports on this side. it'll just be two on the other side so you're not USB 3.1 gen 2 heads are no Thunderbolt over that USB connection.

The storage devices we've got in here seems to be okay that  is a set of connected as the show up to 500 megabytes per second so just hoping that comes somewhere in the middle of a hundred megabytes per second so the storage devices we've got in here seems to be okay that is a set of connected as the show up to 500 megabytes per second we don't know if that SSD is the final one that hynix and canvas 512 key at the you know when tested the spinning hard drive obviously that not so in terms of storage  you're going to be put placing games in there and those that won't be too much of an issue in terms of sort of like a usage speed of the device start of the program and that sort of thing it's just done its update- windows.

let's look at a couple of games right so

You'll read there now test suite we've got a lot of green there there's some pretty heavy games in their first of two radar 2016 so rise of the only called call it occurred to me that was one of the originals rise of the Tomb Raider 2016 which I personally will test in a minute up to 38.5 an ultra settings so that's pretty good actually that's a fairly heavy gave the witcher 3 2015 high settings at 37.3 so proving that it is not just entry-level pc gaming his full pc gaming on a laptop and the step above this would be ultra settings 4k + VR capabilities as well this isn't anger that market obviously it ain't a slightly lower and market than that right curse of the two radar recording this on a frank captive by maximum here with 60 frames a second on the refresh rate on the recording of course this is circulating full 48 frames-per-second vote totally playable very high settings the frame rate goes down because that's 33 for my remember from Simon test

Really nice of course 120 frames per second on the high end gaming devices fuck them of course this is totally playable we won't be any problem here that sir that's an interesting proposition of calcium ok this is the core i7 version but i'm suspecting probably similar in the sort of frame right on similar to the frame rate on on the core i5 version maybe ten percent less certain undermine start on the battery power just pull that you see or get a battery power is not what you want to be using is back in that what's all the way up to 48 nearly 50 frames a second rightful out for on full settings should see 55 to 60 frames.

Battery life you've seen their just over six hours in Wi-Fi surfing mode  it's not massive battery  inside maybe  that could have been a bit bigger a little bit better for the size and the price here it's interesting starting a thousand possibly a bit less going up to about a thousand two hundred  four core i7 and the gtx 1050 the SSD and the terabyte hard drive remember 16 gigs of  rap is pretty good value see the game test we've done resulted in full HD high  setting scenarios so this is a gaming .
Acer Aspire VX15 VX5 is a good price think of it as a solid gaming and work and creative laptop it's pretty interesting stay tuned to notebook check for more.

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