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Mar 5, 2016

Lenovo Flex 3 80LY0008US Pros and Cons

Lenovo Flex 3 80LY0008US

With Lenovo Flex 3 80LY0008US 77% of consumers are convinced. it deserves 4 stars.

- It is very light, sturdy, small and handy device.
- It's really a fun and amazing device for it's size.
- It is easy to carry and to travel with.
- it's faster booting time.
- You can install and use all of the software needed.
- Storage size is large 500GB of storage to keep alot of files.
- It's price is very cheap.
- It's perfect for what he needs for school work.
- The web camera is perfect in picture size and quality.
- Battery life stays for longtime.
- Touch screen is 10 inch so it functions well and responsive.
- Surfing the web runs at a really good speed for email, Internet and Office.
- It's mainly used to watch movies, video (YouTube, Netflix) and play simple games.
- It is a little nice laptop, transforms into a tablet and converts easily.

- It's used limited entertainment functionality.
- It's not for online gaming and serious gaming pc.
- It isn't used applications like movie editing or photoshop design apps.
- It isn't fast as celeron processor is just a bit slow for this laptop.
- It's a little slow so you can't run too much tasks at once.
- It doesn't include CD/DVD so you can't use any CD or DVD.

Lenovo Flex 3 80LY0008US Price
$287 USA