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Jan 5, 2016

Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV Pros and Cons

Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV

50% of consumers are convinced with Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV Laptop. It deserves 3 Stars.

Pros :-
1- The design and built are wonderful.
2- Light weight so it's used as 2-in-1 tablet and laptop.
3- WIndows 10 works seamlesslyon this laptop.
4- 6th Generation intel core i5 and 4GB RAM so it's really fast.
5- you always likes flipping the screen.
6- Display screen resolution is good.
7- Battery life is good only but not great.
8- Cooling fan system is hardly noticeable.

Cons :-
1- Wifi system not work properly. it stays on for 2-3 minutes for work.
2- Good value for the price. But laptop is a little slow.
3- Sound speakers there are a little of a crackling sound.
4- Can't up-gradable the RAM .
5- Touch pad is a little rough but it's responsive.
6- Battery life does not last for a long time.
7- It does not include Ethernet Lan.
8- It does not include optical Drive.

Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV Price
$ 550 USA