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Dec 21, 2015

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Pros and Cons

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV

Pros : -
. The screen is perfect for HD video and Movies.
. A very responsive touch screen
. Windows 10 is the better with this Laptop.
. The speakers sound better than the 2014 HP laptop.
. A very comfortable keyboard. it's complete without crowding.
. The battery life is great as well.
. The Price of this Laptop is worth the purchase.

Cons : -
. Not useful for people who travel a lot because of the weight and display size.
. The keyboard does not backlight.
. No number lock indicator on screen or on keyboard.
. Maximum sound volume isn't very loud.

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Price