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Dec 17, 2015

Dell Inspiron i5559-5347SLV Pros and Cons

Dell Inspiron i5559-5347SLV
70% of consumers are convinced with Dell Inspiron i5559-5347SLV Laptop.
it deserves 4 stars.

Pros : -
The casing is solid although it's plastic.
Applications and windows load quickly.
The sound runs quietly and stays relatively good.
12 GB RAM are makes it really quick (Work with 3D design software)
WiFi connection is very strong.
Display is touch screen that works flexible.
Screen light is fantastic.
Battery life is relatively good.
Nice design and pretty price.
Hard disk is large.

Cons: -
sometimes touchpad comes with some problems.
Slow return from windows 10 sleep.
No light to know that laptop works or not work.

Dell Inspiron i5559-5347SLV Price
$677 USA