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Dec 15, 2015

Dell Inspiron i3552-8040blk Pros and Cons

Dell Inspiron i3552-8040blk

Pros :-
- Latest generation of Intel (Intel Pentium N3700) Processor.
- Really big Display.
- Windows 10 is a wonderful.
- Hard Driver. It's very faster with Data transfer.
- Hibernate and wake up in a few of seconds.
- There is HDMI out.
- Laptop has a good low end quad-core processor.
- Laptop is relatively light given it's size.

Cons :-
- Hard Driver Storage size is pretty small. Operation system takes up 19GB at least.
- The construction doesn't feel solid. The keyboard and touchpad is plasticky.
- Power connector is so thin.
- There is not DVD ±RW / CD-RW.
- No upgrade for RAM. 4GB is the max.

Dell Inspiron i3552-8040blk Pice